Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wanna play?

Let’s play a game. You pretend to be any of the professors I had throughout my undergrad, and I’ll pretend to be me, during that same time period.

Me (shuffling into professor’s office, head down): "Um, hi. I have...a question."
You (looking up, frowning): "Yes."
Me: "It’s going to take me...longer than anticipated to finish this essay."
You (sighing, one eyebrow rising). "And?"
Me: "And I was wondering if you would grant me an extension. Just this once. Um, I mean, just this once for a second time."

In this game, you can decide what you’ll say. Maybe you can grant me the extension, but dock some marks? Or you can roll your eyes and mutter "whatever," and return to your work, ignoring my excessive thank yous. In any case, seriously, please give me an extension.

In real life, things have been a little crazy. Not in a bad way, just busy and exhausting. Without getting into the details, I’m working many jobs while trying to orchestrate a move to a new apartment.

I know! Last time I wasn’t updating my blog regularely I told you it was because I was moving. In undergrad terms, that’s like using the "my great-aunt died" excuse one too many times. But it’s true. I really am moving. Again.

But here is my promise to you: I will be back in full form as soon as the dust settles. I have some wonderful perogies to tell you about. And I’ve really gotten into the old BBC cooking show, Two Fat Ladies. And I certainly haven’t stopped eating. Oooh! And I’m buying myself a copy of Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries for my birthday.

So more to come. Promise.