Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lucky Encounters

Stumbling upon unexpected treasures is something that keeps happening here. In Mexico City, you can find things to do just by wandering aimlessly. Even if you are walking somewhere with purpose, you’re likely to be side swept by something interesting. Or in my case, something tasty.

Today, on our way to the ruins of the Aztec temple wedged in next to the giant Catedral Metropolitana, we happened upon the Museum Nuestra Cocina Duque de Herdez … basically, the Mexican cooking museum!

The first two photos are from their pre-Hispanic kitchen exhibit. The last two, below, are from the colonial period. I absolutely love the tiled wood stoves and the comales.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mexico City is for eating

We landed in Mexico City in Monday. It's been a thrill to showing Andrew this city I love. We've been busily rushing from food cart to cantina to market, trying to fit what we can into our stomachs.

Our apartment has a perfect little kitchenette (une cuisinette!!), which I baptized on Wednesday by making a chicken soup. And then Andrew made this video!

Diane at the Market from Andrew Budziak on Vimeo.